What is the Solarcrete Insulated Wall Panel System?

Solarcrete is an structural insulated concrete composite wall panel system which was initially developed between 1974-1977 and has been in continuous use and development ever since.The awareness in energy efficiency and sustainable design have made Solarcrete the logical choice for new construction.

The structural insulated wall panels consists of a core of expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam insulation that is surrounded by steel reinforcing bars. This core is then encased in pneumatically applied fiber reinforced concrete, known as shotcrete.

This innovative construction technology utilizes an integrated "systems approach" which offers significant advantages over conventional construction techniques including:

Energy conservation

  • Integrated structural insulation reduces heating and cooling loads and costs.
  • Wall Insulation is continuous from footers to eaves and has no gaps or voids.
  • Large thermal mass inside the insulation envelope provides temperature stability.

Rapid Construction Capability

  • Integrated basic components serve multiple functions(structure, insulation and finish) and reduce the total number of steps in the construction process.
  • Shotcrete construction eliminates conventional form work and enables unlimited curvilinear design flexibility at an economical cost.
  • Site assemble of pre-engineered, prefabricated core panels saves labor and preparation time.
  • Shotcrete application to encase core panels into a monolithic structural entity can progress at a rate of 200-250 square meters of wall surface area per day, per crew.

Superior Structural Strength

  • 4000 psi shotcrete (ACI 506R-90) is reinforced with grade 60 (60,000 psi tensile strength) reinforcing bars(rebar) and polypropylene fibers that are mixed in the shotcrete as a secondary reinforcement.
  • Using EPS insulation as the core yields a height-thickness ratio, which results in higher load bearing capacities and permits greater wall heights.


  • Two hour fire rating provides safety and security, and simplifies code compliance.This fire rating can be increased with additional concrete thickness.
  • Walls are waterproof;storm resistant;and insect, rodent and vermin resistant.
  • The impact resistance of the Solarcrete wall is outstanding.
  • Walls are mold, mildew and rot resistant.

Enduring Owner Satisfaction

  • Solarcrete's use of durable materials provides low maintenance and high security.
  • Energy efficient construction yields low operating costs and a comfortable building environment which results in a more pleasant, productive and economical environment.
  • Energy efficient construction requires less heating and cooling equipment which is not only less to buy, but less to operate, maintain and replace. The result is significantly lower operating costs.
  • Solarcrete buildings provide comfortable and constant interior temperatures which results in a more pleasant, productive and economical environment.