Solarcrete's Composite Wall Tie breaks the thermal bridge

Thermal studies on various buildings showed that the Solarcrete buildings were significantly more energy efficient than other construction methods. This is graphically represented in the thermal energy study section of this web site.

The obvious question was how could the Solarcrete wall be improved?

The old wall tie was made from steel. This steel wall tie would allow the transfer of heat which was visible in the thermal study. Although, the amount of heat loss was small in comparison to other construction methods, it was still there.

Finally, in 2003, Solarcrete engineered a new wall tie. The new composite structural wall tie is a thermal barrier that has several additional advantages over the old patented wall tie that has been in use for the last 30 years.


The advantages are :

  • The new wall tie is molded from a special polymer alloy that does not transfer heat through the wall.
  • The composite wall tie slides over the steel rebar instead of having to be crimped around the rebar by a special machine.
  • The wall panels are banded together by plastic straps that pass through the new ties instead of using horizontal rebar assemblies to hold the panel together.
  • The special design of the wall tie now allows the horizontal rebar to be precisely snapped into position which provides better concrete encasement.
  • Production time required to put a wall panel together is less than when they were constructed with the steel wall ties.
  • The erection alignment and bracing of the wall panels is faster, easier and more precise than before.
Old Steel wall tie photo 2 composite wall ties with rebar photo Closeup of new composite wall tie

Below is a link to a data sheet on the new composite wall tie. This is a PDF file. If you need a viewer, please visit Adobe's website.

Solarcrete Composite Wall Tie (pdf file)