Wall finishes for Solarcrete Walls

Solarcrete walls allow for a wide variety of interior and exterior wall finishes that gives you design flexibilty to have your building look exactly the way you want it. Just because the outside wall is formed from shotcrete, you are not limited to just a stucco finish.

One example of something done differently with the finish on a Solarcrete wall was done by a company in Fort Wayne, Indiana. They wanted a brick exterior but they also wanted the energy efficient wall from Solarcrete, so they combined them to get the look they wanted. The brick was placed on the outside to give the appearance they wanted for their building.

The most common exterior finish for the Solarcrete Wall System is an acrylic stucco. The standard interior finish for the Solarcrete wall system is an elastomeric or an acrylic paint. For durability reasons, high quality materials should be used for the exterior finish. Paint finishes may be applied to the exterior of a Solarcrete building, but the savings realized in the up front cost by using cheap paint will be outweighed by the life cycle costs of maintaining the paint finish.