Viewing .DWF Files

The next few web pages have design details of the Solarcrete Wall and how they connect to the different parts of the buildings. The pictures you see are in a jpeg format to give you a general idea. However, due to the size and detail of these designs , 1 or 2 jpegs will not show the detail that would be useful.

Therefore, we have posted a downloadable .DWF file. This file format is called Design Web Format. This format may be viewed through a free dwf viewer from Autodesk, makers of AutoCAD. With this format, it allows us to transform our AutoCAD drawings into a format that allows you to view, zoom in and out, and print without having the AutoCAD program. They also load more quickly than in the PDF format.

To get the FREE Autodesk Express DWF Viewer, please click the following link.

Free Autodesk Express DWF Viewer

Note: Due to the fact that this is a link to Autodesk's web site, we do not have control of their changes to their web pages. If the link above does not work, please go to their main site and search for their Autodesk Express Viewer.

Netscape Users: There are known problems with Autodesk Express Viewer and Netscape.

Solutions :

1) Use Microsoft Internet Explorer to view .DWF files after loading the free Autodesk Express DWF Viewer.


2) Download the .DWF file(s) by right clicking on the download link, choose "save link target as" and save the file. Open the file by using the free AutoDesk Express DWF Viewer as a stand alone program.