Solarcrete's Insulated Concrete Wall

The Solarcrete insulated concrete wall is the most energy efficient wall systems available in the world. This structural wall system is also often referred to as a sandwich wall , a concrete sandwich panel wall or ICC Wall (Insulated Concrete Composite Wall).

The initial Solarcrete insulated concrete wall was developed in 1974, but with various advancements that continue today . In 2003, the introduction of the new composite wall tie has now made the Solarcrete Insulated Concrete Wall even more energy efficient.

Insulated concrete wall section photo

This insulated concrete wall system incorporates expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam board insulation for thermal energy efficiency, reinforcing steel for strength, new patent pending wall ties and high strength shotcrete to provide strength, safety and durability. The photo above is a sample that shows the cross section of what an actual finished wall would look like.

The standard Solarcrete insulated concrete wall is 12" thick. This includes 7 1/4" of EPS foam and 2 3/8" fiber reinforced shotcrete on both sides of the foam. This wall assembly provides an R-value of 36

These insulated concrete walls are also superior in structural strength and durability. The standard Solarcrete Wall System specification for the shotcrete that is applied to the insulation requires a minimum compressive strength of 4000 psi. A standard concrete block (CMU) is around 800 to 1500 psi.