Wall Design Flexibility

The Solarcrete Wall System permits unique design freedom due to the construction process and the building materials used. The insulation panels are made / cut in the curved form. Once the concrete is applied to the wall panels, you will have the desired design applications such as arches, curved and serpentine walls made with concrete.

More importantly, these design features can be achieved without the normally high costs for other building systems. Creativity is easier to incorporate into a Solarcrete building.

One example of this flexibility is this “fish” shaped building which serves as the All Saints Perpetual Adoration Chapel in Illinois. It is beautifully decorated with a simulated granite finish both inside and out.

Picture of installing the foam panels the will become the concrete curved walls of the chapel.


Another example of building that incorporates concrete curved walls and flat walls is this office building of the Airmate Corporation in Bryan, Ohio.Airmate building showing curved walls made with concrete.